Corporate Ethics and Compliance

The MMK corporate ethics and compliance practice group is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, with experience in assisting clients with the guidelines and procedures required of their operations under Brazilian law, avoiding potential issues and protecting the client’s interests in the event of a conflict.

Our team is fully prepared to offer the following services:

  • Drafting and implementation of codes of conduct and compliance programs.
  • Advice in connection with procedures and conduct appropriate in the relationship with competitors, suppliers, partners and the Brazilian federal government, taking into account the applicable corporate anticorruption laws and regulations and the administrative impropriety law in Brazil, as well as the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), the UK Bribery Act and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.
  • Review of contracts and in-house procedures pertaining to relations with offshore agents.
  • In-house investigation and risk assessment in connection with due diligence proceedings for M&A, joint ventures and other corporate partnerships.
  • Development of channels to facilitate in-house information disclosure (hotlines).
  • Courses and training for employees, suppliers key subcontractors and other business partners.
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings.