Corporate, M&A and Contracts

This sector comprises:

Corporate Matters:

  • Transactions involving purchase and sale of corporate stakes and transfer of assets, corporate reorganizations, amalgamations, mergers, and spin-offs, including estate planning for the company’s founders; joint ventures and strategic alliances; corporate winding-up arrangements.
  • Minutes, articles of association, bylaws, amendment to the articles of association or bylaws, shareholder agreements, in-house administrative rules and regulations, powers of attorney and any other routine corporate documents of the company (both publicly and closely held).
  • Due diligences and data rooms.
  • Incorporation and structuring of companies, associations and foundations. 
  • Implementation of corporate governance rules.


  • Financial contracts, involving domestic and international loans.
  • Distribution, commercial representation, manufacture to order.
  • Memoranda of understanding, letters of intention and agreements pertaining to confidentiality and no-compete clauses.
  • Supply, cost sharing, turnkey, and others.
  • Transfers of technology related to intellectual and industrial property and information technology.
  • Civil construction and real estate undertakings (actual construction, administration and management of the works).
  • In rem guarantees (mortgages, attachments and so on) as well as a variety of sureties (guarantees and others).
  • Trademark and patent issues, image rights, and licensing of transfers.