Constitutional, Administrative and Public Contracts

Matters pertaining to Brazilian constitutional and administrative law, focusing on the main regulated sectors of the economy: ports, airports, telephone services, electric energy, highways, supplementary health services, oil and gas, infrastructure. Representation before the Federal Accounting Court (TCU), including issues related to administrative impropriety laws and tax liability law. Guidance in the following areas:

  • Consultations and public hearings.
  • Drafting of documentation needed for bid participation.
  • Issues involving right-to-use concessions and transfer of public land.
  • Agreements with public authorities.
  • Protection against the imposition of contractual or administrative penalties.
  • Examination and response to public notices.
  • Court measures related to public bids and public notices.
  • Opinions and development of strategies to draft projects targeted in compliance with the applicable administrative guidelines. 
  • Production Development Partnerships (PDPs).
  • Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • Procedures for waiving or not requiring public bids.
  • Administrative defenses and appeals.
  • Representation before Budget Courts and in in administrative impropriety lawsuits and class actions.